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'We've Got You Covered'

Concert Series

Sharing and Giving Through Music


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WGYC is a live performance music series recorded in front of a live audience at Visual Arts Collective in Garden City, Idaho.

Photos by David Meadows

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We've Got you Covered is a Live performance Music series. Each Show in the series features one Artist. The featured Artist invites a number of guest artists to cover their music. Each Guest artist performs a song of the Featured artist in their own interpretation. The Featured Artist also chooses a charity or Cause that the Door money from the venue will go to helping with their organization. Each Show will be recorded for Video and Audio to be released on DVD and CD. Getting Airplay would be a near future goal.






3638 Osage st.

Garden City, Idaho




Every Other Month 

Show times vary

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Hearts For Hadley   This was the Charity From WGYC #1
Snake River Alliance  This was the Cause for WGYC #2
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Final SHOW of 2015 #5 & #6

          OCT 23rd & 24th 2015 Featuring            Pinto Bennett



GUEST ARTISTS ARE: Berry the Hatchet, Dale Keys, Kenny Saunders, Joshua Tree, John Hansen, Steve Eaton, Michaela French, Lyle Evans & Brad Aggen,  James Coberly Smith with LeAnne Town and Deborah Day, Joel Kasserman, Tracy Morrison, New Transit, Country Club, Audio Moonshine, BIll Coffey, Rocci Johnson, AKA Belle, Andy Byron! - FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/events/744151042378088/

TICKETING LINK! - http://wevegotyoucovered5.bpt.me/